LANDCO Combo Container

Instant readiness, top-tier efficiency, and sustainably crafted design while offering odorless ambiance, zero carbon footprint, and whisper-quiet operations.

efficient and compact

We Optimized Space Without Affecting Performance

Featuring a robust input capability, efficiently handling a variety of biodegradable waste, and generating significant electricity, ultra-pure drinking water, and high quality bio-fertilizer. This innovative technology is smartly integrated into a 40 ft shipping container, ensuring top performance in a space-efficient design.

our innovation

We Integrated the Best of High-Tech

LANDCO’s Combo Container is engineered with cutting-edge technology, featuring robust fermenters, the innovative LANDCO module, efficient loading systems, and advanced bio-treatment capabilities.
Its design ensures long-term durability, responsiveness, and continuous support, integrating advanced heat exchangers and boilers for unmatched efficiency and performance.

broad applications

We Designed It To Be Ideal For Any Situation

Nature Reserves


Harsh Environment

Disaster Relief

why choose landco combo container?

Responsible. Efficient. Essential.

The LANDCO Combo Container is essential anywhere – be it luxury resorts, disaster relief operations, or remote endangered areas. It’s designed to be a versatile solution that meets diverse environmental and waste management needs, ensuring efficiency and responsibility in every setting.
By integrating this tool into your operations, you contribute to a mission of sustainable living and environmental protection, no matter the location or challenge.

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We create eco-friendly solutions

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