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Close the Cycle

LANDCO integrates high-tech to efficiently recycle biodegradable waste into energy, clean water, and bio-fertilizers. We leverage advancements like membrane technology and AI, not only to process waste but also to contribute to sustainability, aligning with global environmental standards.

Patented Technology

We Transform Waste into Valuable Resources

At LANDCO, we leverage our patented technology to turn biodegradable waste and wastewater into a spectrum of valuable resources. Our systems efficiently convert organic waste into clean energy, surpass WHO standards for pure water, and create nutrient-rich bio-fertilizers, leading a new era in eco-friendly resource management.

our signature solution

The LANDCO Combo Container

Housed in a 40ft shipping container, the LANDCO Combo Container is our signature solution for efficient waste processing. It seamlessly treats biodegradable waste and wastewater, generating electricity, pure water, and bio-fertilizers.
Designed for swift installation, it boasts eco-friendly operations, odorless and silent functionality, zero greenhouse emissions, and complete autonomy. Ideal for any setting, from luxury resorts to critical disaster relief areas, its modular nature allows for flexible, scalable setups.

other innovative solutions (&web3!)

We Address Diverse Ecological Needs

Explore LANDCO’s extensive product range, designed to address diverse environmental needs. Our offerings extend beyond advanced systems like the bio-gas plant with the LANDCO module, capable of treating over 50 tons of bio-waste. We enhance these solutions with cutting-edge technologies such as Web3, blockchain, and AI, boosting their effectiveness, efficiency, and scalability.
Additionally, our comprehensive services include maintenance, operational support, trading, and consulting, ensuring that our solutions, from advanced water treatment to renewable energy systems, are integral to a holistic approach to sustainability.

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We Enhance Your Environmental Strategy

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