our ambition

Vision of a Future

LANDCO isn’t just a company – it’s a vision of a future where technology and nature harmoniously coexist.

pushing the boundaries

We are Committed to Restoring the Earth and Exploring Space

From our inception, our ambition has been twofold: healing our planet and pushing boundaries into space exploration. Our identity embodies more than a corporate presence; it’s a testament to our commitment to restore and preserve the Earth.

who we are

Founded in 2005, LANDCO, a Dubai-based cleantech leader, specializes in biogas plants and advanced waste treatment solutions.

Our expertise lies in transforming organic waste into energy, clean water, bio-fertilizers, and oxygen, contributing to a circular economy.
Through collaboration with European biogas engineering giants, Veolia, European Space Agency, national research centers, and Xircus Web3 Protocol we fuel innovation in sustainable technology.
These partnerships enable us to stay at the forefront of technological advancements, continually enhancing our capabilities in eco-friendly waste management and renewable energy solutions. Our commitment to research and development positions us as a key player in driving global sustainability efforts.

our vision

We Are Driven by Innovation

At LANDCO, we stand at the intersection of ecological restoration and interstellar innovation. Committed to our dual mission, we leverage cutting-edge technology and expertise to restore Earth and explore space. Integrating the transformative powers of Web3, blockchain, and AI, we elevate environmental sustainability to new heights.

Our vision is a blend of rejuvenating our planet’s ecosystems and extending our visionary spirit into the cosmos, developing sustainable solutions for both terrestrial and space environments.

what we do

We Evaluate & Analyze

We conduct comprehensive assessments for gas, energy, and fertilizer production, including laboratory waste analysis. We also provide detailed economic analyses of waste disposal technologies, coupled with energy and environmental audits. This approach ensures a thorough understanding and effective management of sustainable waste solutions.

We Plan and Develop

We specialize in developing comprehensive business plans and feasibility studies, essential for guiding project success. Our planning expertise extends to engineering, preparation of project documentation, and securing necessary approvals from supervisory authorities. This combined approach ensures meticulous preparation and effective execution of our innovative projects.

We Design and Construct

We oversee the design and construction of biogas cluster elements, including gas treatment plants, co-priming plants, and greenhouses. Our work extends to building granular fertilizer production facilities and gas filling stations. Additionally, we manage all aspects of general construction, from supply and installation of equipment to commissioning and personnel training, ensuring comprehensive project execution.

We Certify and Guarantee

We are committed to the certification and practical implementation of bio-fertilizers, ensuring adherence to high standards and effectiveness. Alongside this, we provide comprehensive warranty and post-warranty services, including remote process control of Biogas Systems Units (BSU), underlining our dedication to long-term support and reliability in all our projects.

We Implement and Invest

We facilitate the implementation of carbon credits in the voluntary carbon market, contributing to global carbon reduction initiatives. Additionally, LANDCO actively attracts financing, showcasing our position as a sound investment in the field of sustainable technology and environmental solutions.

leadership and culture

We Innovate:
Earth and Beyond

Under the visionary leadership of Founder André Holzer, LANDCO excels in biogas engineering and environmental innovation, extending from Earth to space. André’s vision guides our efforts to use advanced technologies for transforming waste into resources and developing space solutions. Our expert team is united in our mission for a cleaner Earth and cosmic exploration. Our culture fosters breakthroughs in both terrestrial and interstellar sustainability, embodying the synergy of visionary leadership and team dedication in advancing sustainable practices globally.

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We are on a journey towards a sustainable future

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